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8 ideas for cozy lighting
Overhead lighting can be harsh. Let’s cozy things up with these eight lighting ideas.  Southwest Florida gets a thunderstorm about every day at two or three o’clock. It’s dark and gloomy, but with these tricks, it makes the day perfect to curl up with a book or cuddle in for family movie time. 1. Table…
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Painted faux wood nightstands
Can you believe these nightstands are painted?! When I painted a couple frames to look like wood, I had a lot of questions on whether they this technique would hold up on doors or tables. The answer was: I don’t know!  So I decided to find out. I tried the same faux wood painting on… Rea...
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DIY natural bug spray
It’s the peak of summer and the bugs have been crazy after all the rain we got. I thought I’d share how I make my own homemade bug spray on the cheap with just a few natural ingredients — and it works! I’ll be sharing a 2 ounce recipe and a 16 ounce recipe. Oils… Read More
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How to apply peel and stick wallpaper
Need a blank wall solution? How about wallpaper? I’m so excited about this dramatic heron mural I just put up in my living room! I’ve painted this wall black, then back to white, but it always felt a bit bland. Well not any more. I’m apparently addicted to wallpaper. This is my sixth or seventh…
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How to style shelves and ledges
I’m still trying to figure out what to do with all the ledges in my house! I didn’t know what to do with the one in the reading nook so it’s been blank for three years. But she’s all styled now and ready for her shelfie! Today I’m sharing my favorite things to use on…
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Faux wood painting + colorful DIY art
I learned a new technique for faux wood painting! It’s only two steps and I was truly astonished by the result! It’s such a pretty, raw wood tone. I want to do this to everything in my house now! After the frames turned out so well, I turned to Instagram and TikTok to vote on…
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