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Behind the scenes blogging
What does a blogger do in a day? Maybe you are a blogger and could use some ideas, or maybe you’re just curious about what we do and how we make any money doing it. Today’s post is in video format. Come follow along with me as I tackle a blog post, YouTube video, Instagram… Read More <...
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How can Jesus dying on a cross save me?
This question nagged me for decades. I didn’t understand how a man who lived and died 2,000 years ago could atone for my sin today. I finally had a light bulb moment while in prayer and I’m excited to share it! Let’s also go over the basics: Is the Bible true? Accurate? Did Jesus actually…
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Flatter stomach: 10 min a day, 3 months results
Here’s part two of exercising 10 minutes a day! I definitely saw results the first month, but the next two months was where the real rewards were. My endurance and strength increased and I began to see more muscle tone in my arms and abs. I started this so I could get in a habit… ...
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Adding adorable animal decor
I’ve been adding a few little animals in unexpected places for a bit of whimsy and fun. Some of them guests stumble upon and it makes them laugh. I love that! It started with a peacock table lamp that I couldn’t leave the store without. There was even a capiz lamp shade option. I have…
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Bedroom / craft room makeover
Clara just turned eight and she loves arts and crafts. This week we surprised her with her very own art station in her room! She loved it so much she’s been in their every afternoon creating away. We used to keep all our supplies in a cabinet in the dining room, but that got taken… Read Mor...
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Large-scale thrifted art makeover
Today we’re going to upgrade a thrifted frame and add some new art. I found this large frame at a nearby thrift store for $40 and transformed it with just a few materials. You can watch the video here. I wanted a raw wood look for the frame. I’ve used this technique a few times… Rea...
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